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DEDICATED TO protecting and healing the marine environment from plastic pollution



Sea Hugger is a nonprofit organization focused on protecting and healing the marine environment from plastic pollution. Our mission is to educate the public to reduce plastic dependency, while focusing on protecting the marine environment, ensuring the intrinsic rights of aquatic life, and helping create sustainable coastal communities that are no longer affected by plastic pollution.

We believe Mama Ocean is asking for our help—will you join our Tribe?

How we fight plastics


Educate the public about the dangers of single-use-plastic by speaking with schools and community groups. We focus on kids in hopes that they will become future conservationists.


Persuade corporations, restaurants, and businesses to reduce the amount of plastic in their products and packaging.


Encourage people to refuse single-use plastic and switch their consumables to reusables. Shop our store of alternatives!


Fund private recycling programs in coastal areas of the world with severe plastic pollution and no viable recycling program and hosting community-run beach clean-ups.




Recycling Partner

We our proud to sponsor our recycling partner, Litter4Tokens. Participants of Litter4Tokens collect bags of paper, plastic and glass and bring to their given collection point. Each bag is swapped for one token, which can then be used to purchase basic needs items in the Litter4Tokens shop. This South African-based non-profit aims to instill pride in the community by encouraging hard work, and in turn, help feed and clothe the community.

This program improves the participants’ quality of life through the sale of the recyclables they collect, beautifies their community, prevents the plastic from entering the ocean ecosystem, and teaches them to protect the environment.

Litter4Tokens was launched in 2015 by Clare Swithenbank-Bowman at one school in Ballito, South Africa. It has since grown to six schools, and we plan to help Litter4Tokens expand to other cities in need in South Africa.


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