Sea Hugger’s SeaBin cleans our marina waters

a rubbish bin for our waters

The Seabin is like a Roomba for the ocean. It draws water into the bin, capturing microplastic, macroplastic, and marine oil in its fine mesh bag. It captures up to eight pounds of material at a time, and is emptied regularly.

Sea Hugger’s SeaBin cleans our marina waters in Half Moon Bay, CA harbor.

Clean waters for our marine life

Thanks to our partners, @the_wild_coast and The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, we proudly launched our first Seabin of many in the harbor of Half Moon Bay!

We have partnered with the Half Moon Bay High School Environmental Studies Students to help us meticulously catalog the contents the Seabin captures (down to the naked eye), and report that data to the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability to help meet their goal of reducing trash entering the ocean.


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