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The Giving Brush

We love these SO much we’re selling them on our site. Biodegradable organically grown bamboo handle and plastic-free bristles. Once you’re done with the brush, pluck out and toss the bristles, and compost your handle!
Plus, there’s some kind of pride that comes from having an all natural and plastic-free bathroom… but, maybe that’s just us.

mable brush

Mable toothbrush

From $10.00/two brushes
Another favorite of ours. Biodegradable, bamboo made, plastic-free, toxic free, antimicrobial, and it’s self standing! P.S. the paint is obviously non-toxic and biodegradable as well ;)




bite toothpaste

From $12.00/1 mo. supply or subscribe.
Cannot talk about these more!! At first it was a little weird, but after 3 uses, we are now obsessed. 100% vegan, gluten-free, fluoride-free, no SLS, no harsh chemicals, and plastic-free. Bonus, they’re AWESOME for traveling.

georganics toothpaste

Georganics toothpaste powder


This fine, natural, and non-toxic powder works by absorbing and polishing away the stains and plaque that naturally form on our teeth. It's a completely safe and fast-effective formula made without the use of any chemicals like peroxides, fluoride compounds or synthetic flavorings. Pick from Activated Charcoal or English Peppermint and use daily as a replacement for toothpaste to keep those teeth pearly white!


Uncle Harry’s natural products toothpaste

Plastic-free, all natural, safe toothpaste with a great price to follow. This whole jar has lasted us about 3 months and is sold at most natural food stores. The taste is a bit strong at first, but now we don’t mind it one bit, plus it’s a breeze to travel with. To use, dip your toothbrush in the paste. It has antimicrobial ingredients that keep it clean, but if you feel weird about that, you could use a small spoon.


Dental floss


dental lace

$11.99/one pack
Great thickness, and the packaging is pretty cute. We like that it's refillable, the baggies are compostable, and it comes with two floss spools. It tastes great but we’ve found it can break in really tight spots. Overall, still #betterdesign.


Eco Dent Floss


Vegan floss that’s waxed using rice bran. The only floss waxed with 100% vegetable waxes, not beeswax. Great taste, box is cardboard, strength is great and doesn’t unravel. The box can get a little ugly after many months of using, but the shape still holds.

floss sachets.png

Vegan Floss Sachets by RADIUS


We get so tired of picking up those tiny plastic floss pics during our beach cleanups and we have finally found the perfect solution! These biodegradable floss sachets tuck away in a purse or pocket and are perfect for flossing your teeth on the go. We discovered these at a Buddhist Temple in Santa Cruz (how cool is that!) but you can order them from anywhere.