Dropps laundry pods and dryer balls

From $.17/load
Effective plant-based laundry detergent that ships to your door. Not sure if we’ll ever use another detergent. They are convenient, have great scents, eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic, never hurt our clothes, and they have a mission we can get behind. Plus, options for skin sensitivities, smells, load sizes, etc.

microfiber filter

Microfibre filter

We got this as an add-on to our washer and so far we love it. It’s an external filter that attaches to your washing machine to trap dangerous microfibers from your clothes. Quite amazing how many microfibers we’ve captured so far. Be the solution!


wool dryer balls

We will never use dryer sheets again. These dryer balls are reusable and last up to 1,000 loads, saving waste. They are made with no fillers, chemicals, or synthetic ingredients. A healthy rubber-free, petroleum-free alternative to tennis balls and plastic dryer steamer balls.