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  1. 5 Gallon buckets.

  2. GlovesWork gloves or rubber gloves. Do not use the disposable single-use gloves. TIP: Encourage participants to bring their own gloves.

  3. Trash picker toolsThese are great for cigarette butts or picking up trash in hard to reach places like rocks and plants.

  4. Large Biodegradable BagsTry to avoid plastic, but if you have a large amount of trash, you will need something to transport the materials.

Best Practices

  1. Wear gloves for protection. Plastic (especially Nurdles) attracts and concentrates environmental pollutants like DDT and PCBs to highly toxic levels.

  2. Stay away from the water, foliage, parking lots, roads, and any sensitive wildlife areas.

  3. Look for microplastic and Nurdles because these are highly dangerous to the marine ecosystem. They can be found in the following places:

  • Paths—Look on sheltered tracks and paths at the edge of the beach.

  • Vegetation—Blown on shore from the sea they get caught in the base of the grasses at the top of the beach.

  • Strand line—The Ocean washes them up to the high tide mark where they get trapped in the strand line debris.

  • Sandy Beach—It is easier to hunt on sandy rather than stony or pebbly beaches.

  • Headlands—Beach litter often accumulates near the headlands of bays.

After the cleanup, sort the material and dispose of them as follows:

  • Trash—Dispose at your residence. Do not put trash in the trash bins at the beach. These often overfill contributing to the beach litter problem.

  • Recyclables—Place these in your recycling bin at your residence for the same reason as above.

  • Cigarette Butts—If you have a large amount, we can help you send these to Terracycle for recycling. If you have a few, dispose of with the trash.

  • Microplastic and Nurdles—These are not recyclable and are highly dangerous to the marine ecosystem. It is important that these are properly handled and disposed of in a container where they will not blow away before placing them into the trash.

Have fun!

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