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la miss apple shampoo bar

From $3.00
Organic, vegan, non-toxic, plastic-free, Paraben-free, handmade from the US. They say it has about 80 uses out of it and so far that’s been true for us! It lathers super easily and hair always feels clean after. Highly recommend these guys! Pssst… if you’ve never used a shampoo bar, there is a tad bit of a learning curve, but you’ll get the hang of it!


primal suds shampoo bar

From £5.00
For all you European Sea Huggers, we love Head Cave shampoo bars - they are all natural, smell awesome, and lather up like the dickens! Alas, they come from across the pond and that’s too big of a footprint to get them all the way to California.



package free conditioner

Package Free shop Conditioner bars

From $14.00
Pros: they are completely natural, plastic free, and super easy to travel with. Cons: they require more work to get enough conditioner to lather all over. All in all, still #betterthanplastic.