HAy! Straws

Yes, these are straws made out of hay and we totally love them. 100% biodegradable, gluten-free, plastic-free packaging, and they’re super light so you won’t even notice a few stashed in your bag. Plus, they float in your drink, so no need fish them out of your tall cups.

love lotte

Lovelotte Beach toys

Biodegradable natural bamboo fiber sand toys… ‘nough said.

natural baby mama

Natural Baby mama wood toys

A whole online shop and resource for sustainably made products for mama, papa, and babies. So far, what we’ve tried we love.

seki ear plugs

Seki Ear Plugs

Super soft silicon made ear plugs that fit most ears. We love these because you can still hear through them and they’re practically impossible to loose. We’ve had the same pair for 2 years now, and they’re holding up great!


Mermaid tear catchers